Synesthezia Sound System

  • Country:
    Italy / El Salvador
    Techno / House / Experimental / Drum & Bass
    Synesthezia Records
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Synesthezia Sound System is a unique mixture of live music and DJ sets performed by Synesthezia founders Rony Moran and Luca Zorzi. Their performances are a combination of live music using ableton with up to three tunes playing together all processed through different FX and Loops . The sound is very experimental and spans from the harder realms of Techno through to the more melodic sounds of Tech house, constantly building momentum and energy. Whenever the Synesthezia Sound System boys team up it is an event not to be missed. Look out for future releases on Synesthezia Records from the duo.

About Us

The Synesthezia project sets in motion a new concept of tattoo studio: At Synesthezia we have created a completely new and unparalleled atmosphere combining sounds and lights allowing you to enjoy your tattoo experience in a completely unique way.