Rony Morán aka Molverb

Rony Moran is better known as one of El Salvador´s most famous tattoo artists and ink pioneers. Now based in Madrid, Spain and co-founder of the Synesthezia imprint, his passion for music as well as tattoos has finally found an outlet. He is now establishing himself as a primary figure in Madrid's experimental techno scene expanding his sublime musical creativity through his diverse live pèrformances. His sets are always innovative taking his listeners on an exploration through all forms of the genre never knowing where the music may take them. Having played in some of Madrid's most well known night venues as well as an array of underground afterparties, he is set to keep growing within the music scene, taking his passion further by releasing many tracks on his "Synesthezia Records" label. Big things for the big man.

About Us

The Synesthezia project sets in motion a new concept of tattoo studio: At Synesthezia we have created a completely new and unparalleled atmosphere combining sounds and lights allowing you to enjoy your tattoo experience in a completely unique way.