Luca Zorzi Lax

One of the main men behind "Synesthezia", italian born Luca Zorzi is well known for Djing and promoting parties across the UK, Spain and Europe. He started his music career playing techstep drum and bass in all of the mayor clubs in Oxford, UK, as well as holding a residency at his own night (OX4DNB). He has previously shared stages with world renowned Djs such as Goldie, Scratch Perverts, High Contrast, Temper D, Cause 4 Concern, Vicious Circle and more. He is now based in Madrid and, aside from owning a unique tattoo shop in Madrid, he runs Synesthezia Records and Synesthezia Club, where he will be playing drum and bass, but mostly techno. You will find him playing alone as well as alongside his business partner and fellow Synesthezia founder Rony Moran. His selection is dedicated to the heavier side of both genres although his love for music leads him to produce anything from liquid drum and bass to hard and deep techno. With tight, dynamic, energetic and well thought out mixes make sure you don't miss him tearing apart clubs around the spanish capital.

About Us

The Synesthezia project sets in motion a new concept of tattoo studio: At Synesthezia we have created a completely new and unparalleled atmosphere combining sounds and lights allowing you to enjoy your tattoo experience in a completely unique way.