Jay Rivera

  • Country:
    Dominican Republic

Jay Rivera is a Dominican singer and vocalist based in Madrid, Spain. He had been performing as a lead singer, rhythm guitarist and bassist in various bands since he was 17 years old. As soon as he arrived in Madrid he began to familiarise himself with the local music scene, performing regularly in live jam sessions throughout the city. In August 2011, he became the lead singer for YOUTHNESS and started his musical wanderings on Spanish territory. He is also the lead singer of DA 'GROOVE MACHINE, Funk/Rock band founded by himself in late 2013. Jay Rivera is currently working on a personal project called SOUL RASTAINO; an exhibition based on the harmonious convergence of photography, graphic design, literature and music and inspired by his afro-caribbean heritage. Synesthezia has been collaborating with him featuring his vocal talents on various tracks, as well as planning future live performances with the label's artists.

About Us

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