• Together with sister label ‘Synesthezia Bass’, 2015 sees the launch of a new Madrid-based label featuring some of the most exciting talent either side of the continent. The debut ‘Introducing...Synesthezia Records EP’ features a diverse selection of house and techno, from the deeper side to the harder, this compilation sets to deliver a true representation of the many styles in the genre today.

    First up on the EP sees a release from the incredibly talented Ibiza­based Abel Solano. As with all of his music ́Xperimentar ́ is just as its name suggests; an ever­intriguing experimental journey of syncopated percussion and psychedelic synth magic. The tune draws you in from the onset, as if Abel himself were casting a wicked spell forcing you to do nothing but move to the groove, brilliant.

    Next we hear ‘Associated’, a minimal, deep and dark journey into the abyss. A punchy kick and reverberating sub bass together with spectral tones and twisted vocals set the mood and build as the track progresses. Yuri Folt and Synesthezia Sound System quite simply hypnotise you and take you to the depths of the atlantic and back in this well thought out epic collaboration.

    Spanish production duo Marraco and Alessio again set the standard high for the third track on the EP. Snappy and cutting beats slice through the beautifully crafted ambience. With each build up and transition the subtle percussive additions and panned FX help move the track up a gear together with the catchy bassline growing and building the tension and energy. ́Áy Amor ́ is the perfect track for a warm summer ́s evening.

    The final track sees Coruña ́s finest Sic Emisferm switch the tempo up a notch and come at us with a sublime slice of prime time techno. ́Deep Crypt ́ starts with pumping beats and continues to build momentum up until the breakdown where a surge of electricity starts to build, like the charging of an electron bomb, ready to explode on the dancefloor. A fine way to conclude the first release on Synesthezia Records and a great way to introduce this exciting new label.


    Abel Solano – “Xperimentar”

    Yuri Folt & Synesthezia Sound System – “Associated”

    Marraco & Alessio – “Ay Amor”

    Sic Emisferm – “Deep Crypt”

About Us

Synesthezia Records is a Madrid-Based Record Label dedicated to creating the freshest techno and house. The sound of our international roster of producers spans from the heavier and darker sound of techno, to minimal and deeper end of house.