Marraco & Alessio

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    House / Techno

Marraco, one of the masterminds behind Blackout Club (one of the best underground house and techno promotions in Madrid) is one of the hottest up and coming DJ´s and producers to come out of the spanish capital. Together with his many years of djing throughout Spain and Europe he has already achieved success within the music scene releasing records under his alias, Easy Kid, for multiple labels such as Spring Tube, Depaart, Eenvoke, Dansant and Geometrika. Synesthezia Records signed Marraco right at the beginning of the label´s conception and we are looking forward to releasing forthcoming solo tracks as well as collaborations with Alessio, another Spanish DJ and producer from Malaga. Expect some serious beats from the duo!

About Us

Synesthezia Records is a Madrid-Based Record Label dedicated to creating the freshest techno and house. The sound of our international roster of producers spans from the heavier and darker sound of techno, to minimal and deeper end of house.